Content Delivery
for Technical Communications

proLibro is the interactive, flexible, and multi-device content delivery platform you’ve been looking for.  Whether your content user is annotating test procedures or breaking down hardware manuals, proLibro gives them the capability  they have been seeking.

Designed for Professionals

Take Control of Your Content

proLibro is the perfect solution for technical communications companies that are interested in optimising their digital content delivery, making their content easy to find, and giving their users the power to interact with their content freely.

proLibro is ideal for content associated with products and services. Field service engineers can access relevant content quickly, make technical notes, watch videos, trigger augmented reality (AR)  experiences, annotate content, feed back information to their core team and much much more. This ergonomic approach to service calls, reduces call out times and returns equipment back into service.

Empowering Experts with Full Control

Optimized for
Technical Communications

proLibro enhances the technical communications experience by giving experts full control over the way they interact with content thanks to our unique interaction with highlighting, annotating, and referencing abilities. Struggling to interact with precise elements of a schematic or blueprint and fighting with underperforming software become problems of the past thanks to proLibro’s innovative content delivery platform.


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