generic product support 

Service Level Agreement (SLA)


The purpose of this SLA is to establish a two-way understanding between the proLibro users and CogniLore regarding the web support services available. The document lays out the practices regarding online support issue escalation and requests regarding the proLibro software use. These practices are intended to yield a high quality, reliable support experience for eligible customers.


1.     Service Description

This Service Level Agreement specifically describes the online support services provided by proLibro for the users of the product that are looking for immediate support and are searching on the product website. This SLA is a generic support SLA and is not legally binding; for proLibro customers the SLA may differ based on their signed legal agreement. In such situations, please refer to the agreement that is in place. CogniLore can change this SLA at any given time.


2.     Hours of Coverage, Response Times, and Complaint Resolution


2.1 Hours of Coverage

Online support service is provided by CogniLore Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST, on regular business days. proLibro users can reach out for support at The email should contain the issue description, name of your company, your device model and operating system, name of the application, version of the application, priority of the issue (based on the priority list shared in 2.2). Please note that the support team will not

respond if all the information is not provided in the support request email.




2.2 Response Times


CogniLore will use the following guidelines to prioritise online support requests. Actual response times may be shorter or longer, depending on the volume of requests being handled at any one time.








Level 1 priority is set when a significant part of the Services is unusable or unavailable to the client, any of its customers or any End User and there is no internal workaround. 

within 1 hour 

within 24 hours 


Level 2 priority is set when a significant part of the Services are unusable or unavailable to our
Client, any of its Customers or any  End User but there is a workaround;


It is difficult to use the Services in the manner intended, or the functionality of the Services are is impaired, or
Client’s Customers or End Users are experiencing difficulty accessing Content or Client Products and there is no workaround (but the whole or a significant part of the Services are not unusable or unavailable). 

within 4 business hours on a business day

within 48 hours on a
Business Day


Faults which are less severe than Levels 1 and 2 and which can be worked around.

within one Business Day

within 15 Business Days


These Faults which are minor in nature and do not affect the  functioning of the Services.

within two Business Days

within 30 Business Days
or such other period as is agreed with the client in writing