Gain Total Control

Over Content Distribution

For far too long in conventional digital publishing, reader activity remained a mystery. So too did end-user access. It raised so many unanswered questions where measurable data would otherwise be vital. Examples: Who has access to your digitally published material? How do you manage and update product distribution? What do you do about access when there is staff turnover?

You solve this with proLibro.

With this next-generation digital publishing platform, you’re in control. You get built-in tools that simplify licensing and subscriptions as well as tie-ins to your web store for instant product fulfillment. Your clients also gain the ability to self-manage volume licenses to titles, and to ensure license adherence through automated concurrency management.

Sustainable Distribution Features You Can Harness:

Licensing Made Easy


Eliminate guesswork and time-intensive tasks associated with volume licenses for digital collections. Your customers and their end users can self-manage who has access, for how long. Only with proLibro.

Concurrency Management


With proLibro, you get a concurrency-aware application. That means it discourages unlawful access sharing. It also eliminates the need for artificial device limits: delivering a better reading experience for all.

Deeper Insight on Customer Product Use


Track which content is most frequently accessed, generate weighted lists of most frequently used search terms, and identify which sections are most often annotated. From deeper insights into experiences come better products.

Get Better Data From Your Content


Traditional publishing is broadcast – we put content to market and scramble to find out how people are using it.  proLibro turns this into a feedback loop, providing detailed information that allows you to track user geographic distribution, how long users take to fulfill licenses, update distribution metrics, and much more.

Simplify User Access by Connecting to Existing Authentication Systems


Authentication API in proLibro means you can preserve existing authentication systems so that end users can keep their existing usernames and passwords. Again, a better reading experience for all. Again, only with proLibro.

Content Updates Allow for Profitable Subscription Models


By enabling continuous content updates, you can change your business models from permanent access to subscription distribution – generating a continuous revenue flow to replace single purchases.  The choice is yours with proLibro.