Next-Generation Software

with a Powerfully Engaging Interface

The trouble with stock-issue EPUB readers and PDFs is that they have countless limitations on how you can sift through and personalize digitally published reference products, technical documents, and manuals. Not only are these barriers for publishers: they limit what your users can do with your products, too. When working with highly technical digital collections, simple keyword searches simply don’t cut it.

You solve this with proLibro.

This is next-generation, secure, professional-grade software that adapts to provide advanced customization and researching capabilities. It has been designed specifically for knowledge workers in the legal, financial, medical, educational, scientific and technological sectors to be able to access technical information efficiently.

Powerful Features your Users Can Harness:

Rapid Retrieval of Relevant Content


Fast, intuitive navigation and advanced contextual search features that are tailored to each title enable users to instantly retrieve precise information

Delivery of Large Content Collections


Vast library spanning thousands of pages or multiple volumes with instant access through a unique, high-performance content loading system

Flexible Support for Displaying and Searching Complex Content


Effortless interactivity with large tables, footnote and end note popups, multimedia (including SVG, video or audio), equations (MathJax and MathML) and embedded PDF/Office documents

Powerful Personalization


Custom, user generated annotations, notes, bookmarks, and deep usage history – all automatically synchronized between devices via the cloud

Everything They Want – Where and When They Want It


Content accessibility across platforms and devices (Apple iOS, Windows, and Android) and availability both online and offline, thanks to apps tuned to your branding and identity

Extend your Titles Beyond the Contents of the Page


Connect title content to external websites right within the reader. Add functional applets such as quizzes, collaborative social features, or other customization using built-in JavaScript libraries (such as JQuery and Bootstrap).

Seamless Integration of Continuous Content Updates


Automatic notification and download of new versions and highlight of the differences between versions while intelligently migrating users’ bookmarks, notes, and annotations