Your Fastest Path to Market:

Quicker Development, Lower Cost

One of the great challenges of publishing digitally today: product consistency over long periods of use, managed and delivered at a reasonable cost. Typically, when digital content is updated, it is difficult—often impossible—to ensure that refreshed material reaches all end-users in a uniform, efficient manner.

This is an especially important challenge for research publishers in the legal, financial, medical, education, science and technology sectors, where the update cycle is very short and frequent. Just as difficult, how do you ensure that all end-users enjoy the same reading experience whether they are using a desktop, table or mobile device?

You solve this with proLibro.

Publishing in the digital age with proLibro means you can plan time-to-market in days rather than months. You get the fastest and most cost effective method for digital delivery of your content: especially when focused on reaching customers on mobile devices. The outcome: digital products that deliver a better experience, reaching your customer in far less time and at lower cost.

Cost-effective Features to Speed Up Production:

In Market in Days, Not Months


With content delivery App templates ready for every platform and any devices, proLibro handles all of deployment work, cutting months off of your time to market. This not only gets you to market faster, but with proLibro team handling the testing and publishing, it lets you focus on what you do best: creating great content.

Single-point, Lower Cost Content Management


Avoid costly app development fees: typically up to $1M and 1 year to produce. With proLibro’s single-point updates, you get one platform that delivers all content updates quickly, while delivering the advanced features your customers expect and demand. All for one fee.

Reduced Project Overhead


Digital publishing with proLibro means reduced project overhead: savings that grow exponentially with time. With this powerful, next-generation platform, your printing, shipping, storage, return handling costs go down. Your saving can grow by 25%, 40%, 60% over three years respectively. Only with proLibro.

Easy Updating


Content updates are generated and transmitted using the cloud-based proLibro Connect system, giving content owners complete control over generation and distribution. Updates can also be flagged as mandatory, vital in situations where safety is an issue.